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About Me

Hey there, internet. Nice to meet you.

The Official Bio

I'm currently an Advisory Engineer at Cleveland's own American Greetings. I do a mix of things there--slinging Python and Javascript, building and running developer training programs, mentoring newer developers, architecting some of our systems, leading the occasional ninja strike team behind enemy lines, and attempting to be a catalyst for cultural improvement.

I'm the current showrunner, producer, and a host of From Python Import Podcast. I'm trying to get a regular schedule established again; we'll see how that works out. Third time's the charm, right?

I spent a couple of years helping to establish, organize, and run Clepy, the Cleveland area Python user group. These days, I'm lucky if I have time to show up (but you should totally check it out if you're in town and want to hang with smart, friendly people).

I've spoken a few times at PyCon, CodeMash, and Clepy.

Once upon a time, I hosted a freeform music show called Jedi Mind Tricks on WRUW-FM; perhaps some day I'll get around to ripping tapes of my show to prove it. (Don't hold your breath; I'd prefer you didn't hurt yourself, and besides, you look silly when you try.)

When I get the chance, I contribute (extremely) modestly to Dojo and Blogofile.

I grew up in scenic Durango, Colorado; I couldn't have asked for better roots.

I graduated from Case Western Reserve University in May 1999 with a B.S. in computer engineering. Besides being on-air at WRUW, I spent some time as the station's webmaster. I also served one term as president of the CWRU Anime Society (which seems to have had its identity merged with Japan CASE).

Social Network Presence

You can find various semi-canonical permutations of my online existence here:


This is mostly here for the benefit of my family, who continually lose track of the links...