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Hey there, internet. Nice to meet you.

The Official Bio

I'm currently an Advisory Engineer at Cleveland's own American Greetings. Lately that means I'm doing a mix of architecture and personnel management, but I've done pretty much all aspects of everything at some point during my tenure--front ends, back ends, middle ends, third-party integrations, platform engineering, REST APIs, security and PCI, developer training, mentoring and coaching, leading teams of various sizes, and generally attempting to be a catalyst for cultural improvements like our annual Hack Day event that I co-founded and emcee.

I'm the author of How to Make Mistakes in Python.

I've enjoyed speaking at a number of conferences, including PyCon, PyOhio, CodeMash, and OSCON, presenting everything from brief lightning talks to full-day, hands-on tutorials.

The joy of conference speaking has evolved into the joy of conference volunteering and organizing. I enjoy volunteering at PyCon in various capacities. I am the semi-official photographer for PyOhio and have enjoyed facilitating its program committee and introducing a speaker mentorship program to the conference.

While it was still going, I was the showrunner, producer, and a host of From Python Import Podcast.

I have contributed to a few open-source things and have made a few of my own.

I spent a couple of years helping to establish, organize, and run Clepy, the Cleveland area Python user group. These days, I'm lucky if I have time to show up (but you should totally check it out if you're in town and want to hang with smart, friendly people).

Once upon a time, I hosted a freeform music show called Jedi Mind Tricks on WRUW-FM. Besides being on-air, I mentored new DJs and spent some time as the station's webmaster, including shepherding our very first audio streaming solution.

I graduated from Case Western Reserve University in May 1999 with a B.S. in computer engineering. Besides taking classes and doing radio stuff, I worked in the group that maintained the university's website and which produced the first online version of The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. I also served one term as president of the CWRU Anime Society (which seems to have had its identity merged with Japan CASE).

I grew up in scenic Durango, Colorado; I couldn't have asked for better roots.

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