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Moving Day

Today was Moving Day in the office -- the day of my transition from my lousy old cube to my shiny new one. At my old location, there was a sort of open public area that is "graced" with some tables, supposedly to encourage small groups to collaborate there instead of visiting each other's little hidey-holes. Unfortunately, those tables had become the default location for any meeting that was too lazy to check to see if there was an open conference room, and the nigh-constant meeting chatter had me well on my way to going quite severely postal.

My new location is among a pod of other developers that I have to deal with pretty regularly anyway, so that's a definite improvement. I am far from the stupid meeting tables, and up against a REAL WALL for the first time in my post-college career. On the down side, I have the sysadmins on one side of me, and someone that argues with them a lot just across the way from me, so I will probably get a lot of chatter from that... But I heard that stuff from my old desk anyway, so I can't think that it will be that much worse. And it should drown out anything coming from the accursed meeting tables, and that's really my major goal--not to eliminate all noises, because I can't, but to reduce the total number of noises that my brain is going to try to ignore while I try to get work done.

So I moved all my stuff over to my new digs today, got settled in, and am really enjoying it so far. It's given me a chance to establish a much better desk layout, with both of my computers on the floor to maximize the work surface (which I find myself using more than other folks... I like to doodle and psuedo-code on paper first).

I need to find out whom to call about mounting my whiteboard on the Real Wall; it's too tall to hang from either of my two cube-farm walls, and I would apparently be in deep shit if I just drilled holes in the wall and mounted it myself, despite being more than capable of hanging a dumb-ass office whiteboard after all the home improvement work that Liz and I have been doing lately. And also the overhead light doesn't work, so it's a bit cavelike; that will certainly need fixing. However, a glace to the left allows me a tiny glimpse of the windows, so I won't be completely oppressed by our dark grey ceilings.

Now... now it's way past bedtime. I've been up late the past couple of nights researching digital cameras that my brother-in-law Andy might like for a wedding present. I think I've found a couple of good recommendations (feel free to share yours, please), but it's an exhausting process to sift through the massive amounts of information and model/manufacturer permutations available, and it seems to have really kicked my ass in the needing to get more sleep department.

So, with that... adieu, aufwiedersehen, good night!

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Andy and Lauren, Sitting in a Tree...

...E-N-G-A-G-E-D !

My brother-in-law Andy and his GF Lauren flew to London for the weekend and are now engaged to be wed! Andy, that big ol' sweety, arranged a driver to take them to the arboreal inspiration for A.A. Milne's Hundred Acre Wood, and popped the question at the scenic bridge that spawned the game of Pooh Sticks. Yes, they are both big Winnie the Pooh nuts -- these kids are so made for each other.

Here's a picture of the happy couple from their med school graduation last May.

They will be married next September at the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas. Let's give them both a big "yee-haw," shall we?

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Mr. and Mrs. Donald Noda

Huzzah! Mandy and Don are finally married! And there was much, much rejoicing.

In fact, there was so much rejoicing that Liz and I got all tuckered out and had to leave while it was still safe to get home.

The wedding itself was held at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Cleveland, and the reception got its groove on at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in lovely University Circle.

The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was a blast, and by some fortuitous miracle the weather was absolutely perfect. I was seated at Table 18, the "Table of Shame" way in the dark corner furthest from the head table where my bridesmaid wife was. But we in the back had a fun time, and it was really great to see Angie, Mindy, and Amit again. Brent even made it back from Puerto Rico in time for dessert! (And Karla arrived from her other wedding of the day in time to catch some last-minute partying too... Yay!)

The lighting was weird, so a lot of photos did not turn out well, but here's a quick peek at the happy couple to tide you all over until there are "official" photos available.

The Happy Couple

Now it's time to go back to sleep. Yawn! I am definitely getting too old.

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Rehearsal Dinner, and After

Liz and I went to Mandy and Don's wedding rehearsal dinner, and lived to tell the tale. (Gosh, that sounds ominous, doesn't it? Don't worry, dear reader, it's only the morons on the road that are bad news tonight.)

I managed to get home, changed, and back downtown really quickly. Once there, I quickly discovered that not only was there the traffic from an Indians game that was about to start, there was a Browns pre-season game too. Oh, and the planes for the air show were buzzing around and generally attracting onlookers.

Luckily, I chose the correct side of the street to park on, and it only cost me ten bucks (instead of twenty to be not much closer to where I was going).

It turns out I made it to the dinner early. Way early. Way way early. Which was not so bad, really, since I had a nice time sitting on the patio with Liz and watching the lake, and the start of the sunset, and so forth.

Eventually all the guests trickled in and we had a surprisingly tasty barbeque buffet, with little cheesecakes disguised in cupcake tinfoil for sin-tactular dessert. Mmmm.

Mandy and Don were in that tumultuous world of stress that envelops the bride and groom in the last days before they are wedded, but they did a great job holding it all together tonight, and as usual it is a delight to see them together. It's really, really neat to see two people who are meant to be together. Now I know what Liz and I must look like.

The only downside to the night was getting back onto the highway. The football game was still going, so that end of the traffic wasn't bad, and the crowd from the Indians game was just starting to disintegrate, so I felt relatively lucky there.

No, the fun part was the on-ramp to the innerbelt, where with no lane of one's own to enter into, the choice is whether to floor it and hop right on, or slow it down a little and slip into the traffic. So I was coming up the onramp, checking my mirror and shooting glances back across to check my blind spot and see how the traffic is doing. Aha! An opening, just the right size! I just have to punch it, and it's mine! Except...

Except there were two morons in a Dodge Stratus.

Who didn't understand how to get on the freeway.

So there they were, just outside of the on-ramp, partly in the way of the rightmost lane of traffic, and one hundred percent in the way of anybody behind them.


That's right. This ignorant fucknozzle was in the on-ramp, completely stopped.

I think I was probably doing about 55 at that point, and let me say, it was an excellent opportunity to test out my brakes (they work great), my horn (perfect), and the driving skills of those around me. I nearly hit the people in front of me as I slammed back down to a near-stop, and in turn was nearly hit by the people behind me. The air was filled with a harmony of honking horns. Thankfully, Moron Lad found his gas pedal and got moving again, just in time for me to switch from brakes to accelerator and get the hell out of the way of the people behind me.

This kind of thing is why I feel America needs public canings.

On the plus side, it definitely does make me love my Jetta all the more, for having the handling and the oomph to get me through that without too much hassle. Hell, it probably liked it.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, so I need to be good and get plenty of rest!

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The Best Time...

The best time to break something on the production server farm is definitely on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend. Actually, it's even better if you were supposed to leave early to change before going out to attend a wedding rehearsal dinner.... that's in the opposite direction from where you have to go to change clothes.

Let's hope there are no cops out right now, shall we?

At least the weather is fantastic today!

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Working Late @ Home

Liz is out helping Mandy get her wedding favors ready, so I am at home tonight to fend for myself. Thank goodness for leftover Indian takeout!

So, I'll be working from home to flesh out our new object model some more, and maybe even get some small utility stuff coded. The sad part is that my one of my favorite Star Trek episodes, Space Seed, is on, but my underpowered laptop just can't keep up with running ArgoUML over an ssh link to upstairs. So... Off to sit at my desk and not have good TV noises to keep me company.

On the plus side, I can tinker on a new mix CD, or replacements for my friend Cathe's old mix tapes.

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