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I could vent at length about my day, but there's really no point.

Instead, I would just like to pause and note that today is 05/05/05, or, as I have decided to call it, "Cinco Cubed". The next coolest date for Cinco de Mayo will be 2055, and I doubt that by the next time an 05/05/05 date rolls around any of us will be here to enjoy it, unless of course we get assimilated by benevolent nano-bots, convert ourselves into pure energy, or get bitten by vampires, in which case we probably have other issues to deal with.

So -- this means that all who are capable of doing so should enjoy themselves, pronto! This day isn't coming again for the likes of you and me.

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A Jumble of Impressions

Random impressions and thoughts from the past couple of days...

Say what you will about various political figures, Bruce Springsteen friggin' rules.

Apparently CWRU is slammin'! How odd. Had Case been "slammin'" while I was there, I still don't think I would have had a very good time.

Last night I had to try to remain silently respectful while a "performance artist" (okay, he was a loon) in a home-made pro-Kerry T-shirt skated up to us on rollerblades and launched into a one-man poetry slam against the administration, then skated away. Hey, at least he did it with some feeling.

Stop calling my house. I was going to vote, I did vote, I am done voting. I even got the sticker. You can call other people now.

Our mayor couldn't form a cohesive sentence if she had exacting diagrams and step-by-step instructions.

Local band Roosevelt did a great cover of the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down" last night. Lots of energy, tight sound, and damn! did that guy ever sound like John Lennon.

On that note, props to JL. We miss you.

Waiting for data... Pregnant with anticipation, CNN (among others) have little Electoral College scoreboards with tiny Bush and Kerry faces next to big goose-egg zeros. Somewhere, a database is licking its chops waiting to churn out a new value to put in there... I think it'd be interesting if, somehow, the count stayed at zero all week long, just to see people's reactions.

Drinking games for the hoity-toity, or what to serve with your evening of Electoral nail-biting. Giggle.

I'm serious, stop f*cking calling my house, I already voted. This isn't Chicago, you know.

Other things if and/or when they form tangible linguistic structures...

Happy electing!

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I Believe the Children Are Our Future--Oh, Crap!

Saw this on the evening news tonight and was so amused that the only thing I could do was pause and take a rudimentary screen capture with my aging camera. Apologies in advance for the immensely poor quality of the image, but I felt like this had to be shared...

During a story about separation of church and state, we are treated to these youthful wonders reciting the Pledge of Allegiance:

Leave No Child Behind

Obviously, "Leave No Child Behind" missed one there in the front row.

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The Road Goes Ever On

We buried Pixel this evening as the sun set, in a patch of garden in the back of our yard where she would have plenty of bugs, birds, and deer to chase. She'll get a mix of relaxing shade and lovely, golden sunbeams, the kind that linger like butterfly kisses on a late summer evening.

And just like that, with a few minutes of shoveling, and some words of sentiment half-corny, half-heart-wrenching, there is a permanent dividing line between What Was and What Is.

Goodbye, baby... We'll miss you.

Pixel's last photo

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License Plate Sightings

A spate of amusing and tragic vanity license plates have recently crossed my path:

  • XPENSIV on a little blue corporate drone conformity-mobile. A BMW I think. The guy may have paid a lot for this car, but apparently he couldn't afford the optional turn signal mechanism... I see him fairly often in traffic, driving like a complete jackass, and his license plate just begs for someone to key the bejeebers out of him.
  • NET JEDI on an SUV last week. I am not sure whether I should be amused by this, sad for the driver, jealous of the driver, or sad for myself that I am slightly jealous.
  • THE SUV on a Ford Explorer this morning. What? You're driving an SUV? How startling, I hadn't noticed!
  • TIMMAYY on a purple PT Cruiser last Friday. Brilliant! This plate inspired me to try on my best Timmy voice and giggle incessantly for several miles as I followed it through traffic on my way home from the airport.

The moral? Don't have a vanity plate that is stupid or that signals your willingness to exit the gene pool; choose wisely!

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Consensual Friday

Today feels overwhelmingly like it should be a Friday. Unfortunately, it isn't; it's not even "logical Friday," the last day of the week before vacation. My boss is on vacation, workload is currently light, and a sizeable portion of the day was spent enjoying a free lunch grilled up by our senior management. Cold Stone is doing free ice cream cake tonight. And it's a frickin' gorgeous day out there.

Maybe we could convince today to really be Friday. Maybe if enough of us agreed that it was Friday, it would actually be Friday by consensual fiat.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

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Timing, Loss, Remembrance, Synchronicity

Mother's Day began with a lazy morning in bed, sunbeams probing gently into the house as birds sang out the joys of spring. Before long, though, the graceful lethargy of the morning was interrupted by the phone; Liz's mom calling to announce the passing of her mother, Liz's grandmother.

As expected, the day has been a bit off-kilter ever since.

Plans for imminent travel to Chicago are, of course, under way. Liz and her grandmother did not have what could be termed a good relationship, but it is the duty of family to come together in such times. The ritual obligations of family are not to be resented, but must be undertaken, appreciated, celebrated, for some day we will all be in need of our own celebrations and remembrances.

Meanwhile, I haven't been able to get ahold of my own mother on this particular day of mothers, haven't been able to hear her voice, thank her for my life, tell her I love her.

Mom, you'd better check the answering machine when you get home. I miss you.

And yes, iTunes really did randomly serve up Pink Floyd's "Mother" as I sat down just now to check my mail for the first time today. Sometimes I wonder if iTunes knows more than it has any right to...

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Funny Pages Conspiracy Theory

[info]texodore, this one's for you... With the strangely coincidental storylines in this week's [info]doonesbury and [info]comic_getfuzzy, there's been a lot of speculation that Trudeau and Conley might be setting up a crossover. Though Doonesbury's B.D. is most probably named for Brian Dowling, a Yale quarterback from Trudeau's college days, it is intriguing to consider the possibility that the B is for Bill, and short for... William.

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Straight But Not Narrow

President Bush wants to defend marriage through a Constitutional amendment? That says that not all men are created equal, that refutes the tenet that all citizens should have equal protection under the law?

If he really wants to protect the institution of marriage, then why don't we drop all the discriminatory rhetoric and do something that will actually get the job done. It would be far more effective to simply outlaw divorce or make adultery a federal crime.

And exactly whose marriage is at risk if two people of the same gender want to spend their lives within the bond of a commited, loving, stable relationship? Is the Gay Marriage Enforcer Squad going to come and take you away from your spouse and press you into kinky gay servitude? If two other people's loving, monogamous relationship threatens your marriage, then you and your spouse are probably (over)due for some counseling.

In a hundred years, history will look back on the "marriage defenders" the way we now look back on those that would deny women the vote, or that would enslave those with different skin. The President's pursuit of the Constitutional process on this issue is reckless and foolhardy, and will cement his tenure in the White House as a time of shame for our nation.

Marriage is love.
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Some Light Reading

One of my coworkers who is a pretty serious space buff referred me to this interesting piece about how to get into space on the cheap. Good stuff; it really illustrates some of the reasons the Shuttle was such an engineering fiasco and maintenance nightmare.

It also begs the question--if we can get into space affordably, why don't we get off our butts and go?

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