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224/365: Olympic Hopeful

224/365: Olympic Hopeful

The Westlake Early Childhood PTA's membership drive was, by virtue of its timing, Olympic themed. Claire enjoyed racking up a few medals and making her own torch; I posed her here by the rings to look like a proper champ.

In her imagination, she's on a podium while her anthem (probably about cats) is playing.

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Still Flying

It's been a busy, busy week: one symphony, two wine dinners, the year's massive traffic spike (thank you, Valentine's Day), two celebratory drinking adventures with co-workers, and I survived a two-hour meeting with our CEO and the SVP that I fall under. Whew!

I got high praise from multiple levels of the chain of command both for how stellar Val was, and for how I handled myself during Friday's Big Scary Meeting of Doom. I don't go in for ego stroking very often, but I have to say that this week, it felt pretty darn good. It will be "interesting" to see if I can live up to it.

The stress level that I live with at this time of the year has, predictably, taken its toll once again. While I have yet to drop into the rampaging upper respiratory funk that I usually come down with post-Val, I have again elevated eye strain to an Olympic sport--my eyes are gushing like fountains, they're scratchy and want to be rubbed, and my eyelids won't stop twitching without anything short of a solid nap. Oh, and my sinuses are cranking out the goo like it's going out of style. Heaps of fun indeed! Yesterday was really my first chance to relax my eyes in weeks; I spent the day laying on the couch, half-watching women's curling on TV, while the cats took turns sleeping on me. Today I felt up to a run on the ellipitical, and that seems to have brightened the overall picture of my health, so hopefully I'll be semi-normal in time to travel this week, because...

In the mean time, I've been lightly tinkering on our PyCon presentation, slightly desperate to make sure that it comes across as something more than just a walking, talking press release. It's getting there, but I'm still nervous. Our presentation got bumped up to Friday morning, so I guess if we suck, there will be plenty of conference left for people to forget it.

There was going to be something tremendously meaningful here, but as it happens, the meaning of life has failed to materialize amid this bloggish drivel, so I am afraid this is all you're going to get for now.

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Of Rings and Regular Expressions

Keeping busy. More than a little stressed. The next couple of days are (as usual) critical. So far so good, though...

I've graduated from being assigned weird shifts for monitoring the farm during Val to being on call 24x7 for the duration; I'm not sure if this is an improvement or not, but it allowed me to attend the Lord of the Rings symphony on Saturday night. Liz and I met up with friends for dinner at the Severance Hall restaurant (tasty, though I had the world's dullest steak knife) and then marvelled at how tight the symphony had gotten since we'd first heard it. The Cleveland Orchestra brought their "A game" and really rocked my socks; I got all weepy-eyed in all the right places. Beautiful, and a great early Valentine's gift to ourselves!

I spent a bit of time today fixing up some geeky things that have been bothering me. I twiddled's CSS a bit to be better behaved in IE, moved my IE-specifc hacks into a separate stylesheet to help get me ready for IE 7. And I finally managed to hunt down the bug in that was causing it to mangle content so badly (any "<br />" ended up getting doubled twice by its "cleanup" routines, and some bits of nearby text and other tags would get similarly repeated). I filed a bug with a very simple patch, so hopefully it'll get folded into the main release at some point, so no one else will have to suffer. It's amazing how different <(\S+?)\s*?/> (bad) and <([^\s>]+?)\s*?/> (good) can be.

Other than that, nothing exciting (other than watching the Canadian women's hockey team annihilate pretty much everything in their path). At this point, I'm just hoping to survive the next two days!

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Take Me Out

Originally uploaded by mikepirnat.

Friday: Post-launch drinking festivities with co-workers (yay, the new AOL Greetings site is live!) blurred pleasantly into dinner and beverages of various and sundry natures with [info]aquamindy, [info]reasie, [info]oogby, and [info]trenchcloak, followed by a couple of rounds of Apples to Apples back at our place. Lots of fun all around.

Saturday: Slept in, got a haircut, did some errands, and drove down to the West Point Market in Akron to aquire cheese and similar tasty comestibles. Had a lovely movie night with equally lovely [info]aquamindy: a nice Barbaresco, cheeses, olives, bread, grapes, and Spartacus. Liz decided the evening required some bubbly to achieve completeness, and so it was that I had an excellent Saturday night...

...And a mostly non-existant Sunday: Slept until about twelve-thirty, took some Advil, ate some bread, drank some orange juice, and went back to sleep. By six PM, I was starting to feel human again, so I got cleaned up and we dashed off downtown for the Indians game; work had rewarded me with a pair of tickets, and on a perfect day like yesterday, such an opportunity was not to be ignored. We had good seats, the weather was amazing, the crowd was excited (once the dreaded "wave" got started, it went fully around the ballpark six or seven times before dying out), and the Tribe played like the good ol' days--the final score was 12 to 4. A great way to cap off a relaxing, fun weekend.

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The Cubs lost last night, despite a stunning rally in the bottom of the ninth inning.

To assuage my pain, I now present a message to the citizens of California:


Thank you, that is all.

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Opening Day No Longer

Okay, sports fans, it's official -- Cleveland weather sucks ass! Opening day at Jacobs Field (where all of was headed tomorrow as a company reward/party) has been cancelled, since we are now expecting 3-6 inches of snow! They are rescheduling the game for Tuesday afternoon, so we will probably at least get to go... Though in a sharp twist of irony, the conference call that I asked people to reschedule is going to have to be rescheduled again (originally on Monday due to forgetfulness, it was moved to Tuesday afternoon -- d'oh!). Ha ha. Okay, maybe it's only funny to me, and a handful of people at work who (probably) don't read this.

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