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Potted Meat Poetry, Part 2

It's time for more amazing spam poetry. Once again, I have merely applied some nicer formatting to the following gem:

by Willa Lujan (

soul leaps momentarily,

it is hard,

tempt moonlight to find
derived pleasure from bhutan

kuzmins hand fell

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Spam or Poetry?

The best spam I've gotten in quite some time is this fascinating little composition that I've applied some nicer formatting to. Without further ado, let me present for your enjoyment:

by "Rosario" (

hooded man with

the next door,
voice resounded over.

maximilian andreevich knew,
some extraordinary scoundrels!

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Random Strings of Semi-Meaningful Text

Tuesday I met the slabs of granite that will be my new kitchen countertops in a few weeks. If you know your granite countertop materials, then telling you that it's a lovely specimen of "verde butterfly" will mean something to you. The material is predominantly black, with butterfly-wing intrusions of grey-green, and shot through with little traces of warm brown. The slabs are quite pretty, with no nasty bits to have to work around.

If I had to pick a favorite weather phenomenon, it would have to be fog. Something about the soft, dreamlike appearance it gives the world appeals to me. I love driving in it, as highway signs and lamp-posts slide into phantom-like existance, then fade into rear-view mirror oblivion, never fully real. Nothing like a cracking good bit of fog!

My new printer arrived last week. [info]aquamindy insisted on having me print up love notes from each computer to prove that everything was all set up and working correctly. I thus ended up composing the first love poem I've written in a shockingly long time--we're talking on the order of nine or ten years! It kind of sucks, but I might post it anyway; doing so would actually have a certain self-mocking irony to it, so that might be enough to convince me.

The weather forecast calls for wind, rain, and snow for Sunday... I thought it was March that was supposed to come "in like a lion?"

In related news, it's started snowing today. Yuck.

Still playing That Damn Star Wars Game. I'm stunned by the way it combines being astoundingly good with how powerfully addicting it is. Yowza!

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Requiem for Mo's iBook

Alas, young iBook
Taken quickly in winter
Water makes you sad

Mourn the CD-drive
That's lost its will to eject
Smooth jazz was thy doom

With great power comes
Great responsibility,
Expensive mistakes

Sweet dreams of repair
Voyage to the Apple Store
Our wish: get well soon

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And Lest Gary Be Forgot...

we are so fragile
advertising lies that are whiter than yours
we are so fragile
they could give us a war just to keep us amused

we are so fragile
i could stay here inside and say it's all been done
we are so fragile
just pretend i never tried i leave it up to you

we are still so young
and it must be wrong but i'd do it all the same
and we are really so shy
there's nothing i can do but believe in this

we could always go home
but everyone says this is the place to be
we are so unnatural
but you wouldn't understand, you only deal with men

Gary Numan, "We Are So Fragile", B-side of "Are 'Friends' Electric?"

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