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I Was Warned This Would Happen...

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting "has told its staff that it should consider redirecting money away from national newscasts and toward music programs produced by NPR stations." This is apparently due to the Bush appointees who run the CPB getting their knickers in a knot about NPR's coverage of the Middle East. Of course, NPR listeners are least-misinformed about the war in Iraq; I suppose it's kind of a thorn in someone's side to have citizens with accurate information about what we're doing in the world.

Read all about it before the Thought Police come for you.


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Induce THIS, Senator Asshat!

Sounds like RIAA has managed to purchase sufficient support in the Senate for the so-called INDUCE Act... Don't want to give up your VCR? Can't live without your Tivo? Don't like the RIAA raping your mother, spitting in your food, and kicking your dog? The EFF can help you! (Or so I would like to think.)

I wonder what real estate prices are like in Canada... (They do still have "freedom" up there, right?)

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Creepy Dreams

Had two weird dreams last night/this morning.

The first had something to do with nuclear war -- or rather some surreal electric-blue vapor dreamlike equivalent -- and had me bolt upright at 4:30 screaming. I don't remember it too well now, which is probably a good thing.

The second was just weird and annoying. I was sitting at an outdoor cafe with a large group of friends. We were all having barbeque beef sandwiches that were adequately tasty. There were two or three people from WCPN (local NPR station) who were going to be giving away prizes for people in the audience who could answer trivia questions. Except, instead of asking anybody any questions, they just kept telling us all to call their phone number and give them money. Sometimes they would stop to tell us about what was happening in the world, or about how different kinds of insects accomplish various kinds of sound-making. People started yelling at them to ask the questions, so that we could get prizes, since wasn't that ostensibly why they had come to the street cafe? But the radio people ignored our demands and instead kept telling us that they needed just a few more calls, which we thought was really dumb because there weren't any phones around. Finally we all started leaving and went to a place across the street that had phones, where we called the radio people and told them that they were stupid good-for-nothings.

The moral of that story is you should not listen to NPR in your sleep, especially when it's pledge drive season.

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