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Adios, Annoying AT&T; Yahoo Banner!

I'm sort of stuck on AT&T; for internet access (after they clobbered my nice Speakeasy hookup), which means I get the wonderful benefit of "AT&T; Yahoo" services. Mainly this means that I get extra "AT&T; Yahoo" banners slapped on any of Yahoo's services that I happen to be a member of. I mostly don't use my Yahoo mail account any more except to give out to places that I expect will spam me, but I have become quite the Flickr addict, so the recent arrival of one of these little banners really, really annoyed me.

So, I decided to finally give Greasemonkey a try, and in a matter of moments whipped up this little gem to remove it from my sight.

And there was much rejoicing. :-)

Here's the script:, [.js, 340 bytes]

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