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249/365: Dawn on a New World

249/365: Dawn on a New World

When I saw the light pouring through the trees in the back yard this morning, I ran outside in my pajamas and started shooting before the moment could get away from me. My daughter laughed at me and thought I was being silly, but it's frankly hard to argue with the result.

This was a great demonstration of why I was an idiot to not get into Lightroom ages ago--I love what I was able to do with the sunlight thanks to the split toning feature. Love, love, love. And as much as I complain about the horrific install experience for the Creative Suite tools, I will say that Adobe's willingness to provide 30-day free trials of Lightroom is a huge win over Apple's "why don't you spend eighty unrefundable dollars to see if you like Aperture" strategy.

On a 365-meta note, I see that this is the earliest 365 shoot I've done, beating Day 15's shots by half an hour. I was also a lot happier to run around outside today than I was back in January.

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