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Update: The Cure

Hey, kids! now lists the 8/4 Cure show at Blossom!

Tickets go on sale on Saturday, 6/12, at 10:00 AM EDT.

If you are among those who are interested in going and would like to be part of a group-type-thing ([info]cynic51, [info]mokatz, [info]grimkitten_, I think this is you guys), please let me know ASAP! Pricing is not available yet (of course), but probably will be soon.

In the past when I've gone to Blossom (Moody Blues, John Williams), I've just gotten lawn seats and had a good time hanging out with folks... but if it's been rainy leading up to the show, the lawn is super-ass muddy, and that's what your butt will be when the show is over. I can say that this is super un-fun (speaking from experience). So... I am kind of interested in maybe getting real seats in one of the sections that unfortunately costs more money. Please let me know what you want to do, what kind of budget(s) are acceptable, would you want to get seats together or not, etc.

I'm way too excited about this -- I can't believe it's been 8 years since I saw them in Denver! *bounce gothily*

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Spaceboy, You're Sleepy Now

This meant to be several posts over the past few days, but I've been too occupied with them to actually get around to posting. So, it's recap time!

Wednesday night was the David Bowie concert. Originally, [info]aquamindy was supposed to go with me (especially since she'd had the foresight to buy tickets for us), but at the last minute discovered that she had to go out of town for work. I ended up giving [info]gieves the second ticket as a much-belated birthday present and combination "hey-we-never-do-anything-anymore" excuse to get together. After a quick bite at Panera, it was off to the CSU Convocation Center for the show.

Macy Gray opened the show; I must confess I'd never heard any of her music, and wasn't expecting a whole lot. To my surprise and overall joy, I dug pretty much everything. She had a sort of psychadelic-funk-groove-motown thing going on, and was definitely a great live performance. I especially enjoyed her shameless repurposing of the Beatles' "Come Together", liberal use of the word "fuck," exhortations for "only the sexy people" to sing along, and the polka about masturbation. I will admit, though, that it took me at least a few minutes to stop chuckling at the way her hair made her look like a giant hunk of broccoli in a fetching lavender dress; it was really quite uncanny. All in all, definitely one of the best opening acts I've ever seen.

It took about half an hour to get the set changed out for Bowie, and then things went pretty crazy. He played for a couple of hours and was generally hitting more upbeat things; evidently having a good time on the evening before his birthday. It's hard to believe that a guy can simultaneously rock so much, look surprisingly healthy, and be turning 57. I mean, damn, this is one spry little Brit!

The overall experience of being at a David Bowie concert (at least for me) was one of thorough sensory overload. Awesome (and awesomely loud) music, crazy visuals going on the giant video wall, different close-ups on the overhead video screens, fantastic lighting, thousands of screaming fans... The only major down side was the pair of drunken crap sacks in front of me who would jump to their feet at oddly inappropriate moments in order to better rock out by waving a fist in the air and clutching tightly to overpriced swill beer with the other, all the while managing to completely block my view. I mean, I would stand up and rock out too, only these were the only two people in our section--heck, the only two people in three or four sections--who were standing. It didn't seem right for me to block the people behind me if there were only the two of these yahoos on their feet. Admittedly, I did take some amusement from their desperate battle to maintain equilibrium, as they wobbled dangerously in their efforts to rock even one gazillionth as well as David Bowie.

Bowie played quite the charming host, breaking away from the plans to give us obscure literary jokes, self-acknowledged cheap plays for cheers (announcing his birthday), rants about how much commercial American radio is a giant pile of shit that never plays anything good anymore, to introduce us to his band, to ask us our names (how polite!), to shut the fuck up while he played a quiet song, and so forth.

As for the music, it was either things that I knew by heart and was thrilled to hear, or things that I had literally never heard before but that the rest of the audience knew. We're talking things that are staples of classic Bowiedom, things that I am truly embarassed to have never heard before. Like "Ziggy Stardust"--I'd never heard it before Wednesday night. You can beat me up now for being a complete loser.

Definitely, one of the best concerts I've been too, ranking among the likes of Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, and the first time I saw the Moody Blues. And by the next day, I could even hear again! Hurrah!

Work remains busy, and I remain undermotivated. I suspect that I'll manage to get it together sometime this week, as I have a lot of stuff to get done before the Valentine's freeze if we are going to have any hope of surviving it. Bleah.

Champagne Happy Hour
Friday afternoon is champagne happy hour at Varietals, a concept whose time has truly arrived. A gaggle of us assembled there after work to belatedly celebrate [info]aquamindy's birthday in the best way possible--by drinking together! In attendance were such luminaries as [info]gieves and her mother, [info]oogby (who prefers pineapple juice to booze, and there's nothing wrong with that), [info]reasie, and some of Liz's current and former coworkers. I had the champagne flight, which consists of a nicely balanced German sparkler, two progressively drier French champagnes, and an exuberantly sweet Italian asti. Munchies included baked brie, the ever-ordered an thoroughly irresistible olive tapenade, bruschetta, sweet Georgia browns, and nummy cheese fondue. I had a glass of one of their French Rhones as well, and that made me pretty happy.

The Weather...
...has been completely, thoroughly cold and yucky. Downright miserable, in fact. Frigid. Arctic. Face-rippingly brutal. I really want to get my car washed, since I'm sure that all the salt is doing bad things to it, but it hasn't been above freezing all week, so car washing is pretty much out for the foreseeable future. Bleah.

The Weekend
This has been a delightfully lazy and mostly useless weekend. We've slept late both days, which I had really missed this past week with work and all. Saturday we did a double feature of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and, since it's Short Round's only other major role, and since Liz doubted that S ean "Samwise" Astin was little Mikey, we watched The Goonies. If only Return of the King was out on DVD, it would have made the perfect segue. As it was, The Two Towers is on Starz nearly constantly now, so we were able to pick up a few minutes of that before sleepytime. I had also thought of The Beatles' Help! as a great follow-up to Temple of Doom, since it's all about sacrificing Ringo to Kali (oh, those wacky, wacky Kali-worshippers!), but alas, Borders was sold out, so it was not to be.

Today was Geek Day for me. I installed MySQL, Zope, and the zMySQLDA connector, and got all of these things set up and chatting happily with one another. I've started to play with some database designs, and will start building things over the next few weeks as something to keep me busy and distracted from buying DVD's and suchlike. The eventual goal is to produce three database-driven web applications, to track our CD's, DVD's, and lastly, but not least, our wine collection and tasting journey. The sad thing is that the umpteen hours of work that this will entail all spring from the fact that it's getting damnably frustrating trying to remove and preserve labels from wine bottles we've had, and wouldn't it be easier to just have digital photos, and wouldn't it be nice to organize them, and wouldn't it be nice to keep track of what we've had, and how it tasted, and and and... And that's how things get crazy.

On the food front, Liz made a barbeque shredded beef dish yesterday that was just to die for. It simmered all afternoon in her new Dutch oven, and came out utterly fabulous. Today we did leftovers of the beef for lunch, and lamb chops with grilled bell peppers and leftover risotto for dinner. Yum!

And now it's getting late, and it's time for me to get back to snuggling with Liz and watching The Two Towers (again) on Starz. Tra la!

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Area Man Reports Weekend Good But Fleeting

It's Monday, so it's time to bust a recap of the weekend; let's break it down, list-style:

  • Thursday, I managed to score tickets to the Cleveland "Trilogy Tuesday" showing of all three Lord of the Rings films. w00t!! I'm so giddy about it, I feel like a geeky little eleven-year-old! In other LotR geek news, I also have tickets to see Howard Shore in Columbus in March, conducting an assortment of LotR film music.
  • Saw Kill Bill v.1 on Friday night with Liz. Aside from being one of the most singularly violent films I've ever seen, it's also one hell of a picture. I know I didn't catch most of the film geek in-jokes, but I did recognize a few things, like the Bernard Herrmann music, the Wilhelm Scream, a couple bits that reminded me of Kurosawa, and a nice reference to Wings of Eagles regarding Uma's toes. Well worth a look-see, this goes onto my list of necessary DVD's. "Volume 2" can't come too soon!
  • Saturday, Liz walked in the Race for the Cure. I had originally meant to go root for her, but ended up getting permission to go back to sleep. So she got a nice walk on a gorgeous day for a good cause, and I got some much-needed beauty rest.
  • Saturday afternoon, Liz took me to the zoo. (No, she wasn't going to donate me.) The weather was amazing, and it was really nice to get out and enjoy it. We saw all sorts of zoo critters, including sleepy tigers (my, how those little guys have grown!), sleepy camels (phew, the stench!), and surprisingly un-sleepy wolves.
  • Saturday night we grilled up some tasty dinner and enjoyed it with a pinot noir-based vin gris (yum!) from our visit to Napa, then rounded out the evening with Godfather Part 2.
  • Sunday we went to "Say Yes to Cleveland", a little networking shin-dig before the Browns game. It was okay, and the band was pretty decent, and the sun eventually came out, so it turned out all right. We had a nice lunch at Aladdin's, then spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. Nice!
  • Okay, it's not the weekend, but tonight we're going to see Stephen Hawking at Severance Hall. I know, wild times!

That said, I definitely could use one or two more days of weekend. Or a vacation. Or something.

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