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A Small Note of Miscellaneous Things

Haven't posted in a while--been busy chasing after the kittens, taking photos, and trying to sleep while they play on us at all hours of the night. Oh, yes, and there's that silly work thing too. The good news is that I had a Day Without Meetings yesterday; coupled with an extreme case of Just-One-More-Thing-itis, it means that I got a lot of stuff done yesterday. So, hopefully there is time for new kitten photos to be posted today.

Gave myself a lovely great cut on the tip of my left middle finger last night whilst cleaning cheese leftovers off of a sharper-than-expected knife. Got the bleeding stopped within a couple minutes, and I can tell that, three bandages later, that it's starting to get a bit better, but it's still a bit scary looking. Hopefully there will be no need for stitches.

For those with iTunes and large music collections, you may find Smart to be of some not insignificant interest.

Liz and I slept horribly last night, but that is largely due to our own silliness. Kaufman's was running a huge sale on down comforters, and Liz has been wanting a down comforter for years, and both of us agree that, given the current kitten situation, a bed covering without any sentimental value is a Smart Idea... Thus, a down comforter and cover set was acquired for a ridiculously reasonable sum, prepped, and placed onto the bed to be used last night. Of course, neither of us paid a whit of attention to the unseasonably warm weather, so by three o'clock in the morning, when the house still hadn't cooled past 70 degrees, we in our flannel sheets and flannel PJ's were sweaty little piggies. I spent the next few hours being awake for 20 minutes, asleep for 30-45, awake for 20 minutes, asleep again, and so on. Miserable.

The sleep experience was not helped by the fact that I had one of my trademark Red Wine Dreams, and this one was just as bizarre as most. Liz and I were visiting Canada, and working on a farm to help pay for the fancy dinner we were going to later that night. I was going to watch my Star Wars DVD's, and the generous farmer let me use his DVD player to preview them. I was aghast to find this beloved film 100% replaced by CG animation, and the cast were all Lego minifigs. At chapter breaks, the movie was interrupted by dumb Spongebob Squarepants games that were not skippable, and there was voiceover narration throughout. This upset me greatly, and we immediately left the farm, swearing about how Lucas had completely raped my childhood. We were on our way into town when I realized that I had left some things back at the farm; when I returned to the farm and was unable to locate my lost items, the farmer consoled me by taking me inside to visit his well-stocked comic book store.

I'm still not sure what it all means, but I'm bloody glad that I woke up at that point.

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Funny Pages Conspiracy Theory

[info]texodore, this one's for you... With the strangely coincidental storylines in this week's [info]doonesbury and [info]comic_getfuzzy, there's been a lot of speculation that Trudeau and Conley might be setting up a crossover. Though Doonesbury's B.D. is most probably named for Brian Dowling, a Yale quarterback from Trudeau's college days, it is intriguing to consider the possibility that the B is for Bill, and short for... William.

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