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276/365: I Drank What?

276/365: I Drank What?

"I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, 'I drank what?'"

-- Real Genius

I brought the new 35mm L along for our weekly Lizardville drinkup to see what it thought about shooting in low light. Part of me thinks that I would prefer shooting in full manual (this was in aperture priority) and staying a stop or so below what the camera thinks is the right exposure in order to capture the right look, but another part of me knows that I'd just end up boosting the levels in post to bring out things that were getting lost.

I'm a bit suspicious of the focal alignment--I had set and in theory locked onto the upper-right AF point, which is pretty much right on Mike's face here, but apparently it thought his arm was more interesting, though that may be an artifact of (now that I look at it) having left the AF mode in "AI Focus" from a previous shoot.

Still, I think the focus on the drink and the blurring on his face works with the overall "what the heck is this crazy thing that I'm drinking" moment. (For the record, it's a hopped gin cocktail. Madness!)

89 days to go...

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