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136/365: Rust Bucket

136/365: Rust Bucket

Last night I noticed that, without planning it, I'd done three shots in a row that prominently featured the color red, and so I've decided that this is Red Week. This is the bed of the rusty pickup truck that I parked behind this morning when I arrived at work.

I find it interesting that I've stayed away from preplanned themes this whole time, I think because:

  1. Too much forethought -- I barely have the mental cycles for my normal life, how could I possibly plan ahead on this project?

  2. Too much constraint -- I initially set out to be spontaneous and in the moment and discovering images; why limit my freedom?

  3. Too trite/latent hipsterism -- Oh, you're doing themes? That sounds so mainstream.

  4. Fear of failure -- I already live with the fear of blowing the whole project if I miss a day, now I can fail at a smaller scale too!

And yet, in spite of this, and maybe because I happened into it unconsciously, I'm finding comfort and purpose here that I feel like I've been lacking since returning from the Disney trip (which, due to the still-massive photo backlog, is another giant psychic weight that I'm juggling). Having even a little bit of a plan means that I'm paying attention differently and coming up with ideas several days out, a little mission that helps make this feel like a game and not an obligation.

This jives with Rule 7.

I like that.

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