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Mass Effect and Doctor Who: Separated at Composition?

After finishing Mass Effect 2 yesterday (thanks, Bioware!), I found myself with the moving "Suicide Mission" music from the game's finale stuck in my head. But in a surprising twist, my brain suddenly shifted it, and before I realized what had happened, it had transformed into Murray Gold's "I Am the Doctor" theme from the recent Doctor Who series.

I've spent the past 30-some hours going back and forth between these two pieces, sometimes aloud and sometimes just thinking through them in my head, mostly just letting them dance in and out of one another and, frankly, starting to go a little crazy with them.

So now I'm trying to excise the madness by passing it on to you. (You're welcome.)

Start by listening to Jack Wall's "Suicide Mission" from ME2, starting around 42 seconds in up to about 2:10:

Okay, got that?

Now listen to the first 48 seconds or so of "I Am the Doctor", before it takes off into the wild, bombastic stuff:

Hopefully your brain just exploded a little bit.

But wait, there's more! There's a whole choral bit in each as well!

Take a listen to "I Am the Doctor" from 2:15 through 2:50:

And then "Suicide Mission" from 3:16 through about 4:15:

There's even a quieter, more subdued choral bit in each, just in a different order; "I Am the Doctor" gets it from about 2:50 through 3:40:

And "Suicide Mission" chills out from about 2:09 until 2:48:

The piece from the series 6 finale, "The Majestic Tale (of a Madman in a Box)", takes the similarity even further by pulling down the tempo and cranking up the brooding epicness:

What do you think? Am I high? On to something? Bit of both? Do you have a favorite piece that feels borrowed from somewhere else? Comment away! (Note: James Horner or Danny Elfman scores need not apply, unless incorporating or being incorporated by another work.)

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