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19/365: First Down


Once upon a time, two of our VPs made a bet about a project they didn't think that we could deliver in time. If we did succeed, they'd spend the afternoon getting soaked in dunk tanks. I don't think they understood how motivational this would be--we ended up delivering early, interrupting a faux doom-and-gloom update at a company all-hands meeting to hold a live go/no-go meeting and send our app to Apple live from the stage.

Joe (pictured above) and Dan spent about an hour getting repeatedly dropped into 62°F water, so many times that we quickly lost count. I have to give these guys some serious props--they gave us a big challenge, gave us what we needed to do it, and then were good sports about living up to their end of the deal. It's a day that will be long remembered in our office legends.

Getting good photos was surprisingly difficult--the combination of lighting conditions (big flourescent lights in a warehouse), distance, and angle made things pretty tough. It was especially hard to be close enough to the action without being in the line of fire or the splash zone. I've posted the most acceptable shots; below are some highlights:

Dan Speaks Dan Versus the World Triumphant Mission Accomplished

And here's some video shot by one of my coworkers:

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