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October Mojo Check

Wow, I totally missed my September check-in. I blame a combination of being really busy with prepping the kiddo's birthday party, being really busy with work, sick off and on with the infamous Cleveland Death Cold of 2011, and making the mistake that "these are really easy and fast to write, I'll do one tomorrow night."

Physical Health

  1. Exercise 3 times weekly

    Getting back into the daily walk habit again. Feels good. But need to hit the elliptical one of these mornings.

  2. Weight: 175 pounds

    Stalled at 185. Still. Meh.

  3. Floss daily

    Still on my unbroken winning streak from March. Yay.

  4. Fix my sleep cycle

    Better. Not perfect. In bed before 1 AM most nights, and sometimes even by midnight. Up until 2 (or beyond) at least once a week, though.

Mental Health: Professional, Nerd, and Hobby Goals

  1. Speak at PyCon -- done!

  2. Catch up on photo uploads

    Finally started uploading photos from last November's Disney Cruise. This has been my big logjam for a while, so hopefully getting it unblocked will help. Of course, I still have a couple thousand unreviewed photos from vacations this summer, but for now I'll pretend those don't exist if you won't say anything.

  3. Restart From Python Import Podcast

    As stated on our Twitter account, our five-point plan kind of sucks. Nothing happening here thanks to life. Which is sad, because there's a lot of great stuff going on in the Python world.

    Based on my experience of recording an interview with Lococast, and the (IMO) surprisingly good quality of the audio, maybe Skype is the way to go for getting the group "together" even when we can't get a venue together.

    For giggles, I submitted the idea of recording an episode live before an audience at PyCon 2012. We'll see what happens.

  4. Figure out what my job is

    At this point, done. Check. Yay.

  5. Read Clean Code -- done!

  6. Read at least one book per month

    I owe Doug Hellmann a review of his book. I'm making progress, but it's unfortunately taken a back seat to everything else that's competing for my evenings and weekends.

  7. Blog twice monthly

    Kind of blew that in September. Seems like I'm getting back on track now, though.


  1. Attend Clepy six times

    Went to the September meeting, so now I'm two-for-nine. October's was canceled, and since 2011 doesn't have many months left, meeting this goal is now impossible. C'est la vie, I suppose.

  2. Monthly game night

    I somewhat accidentally caused the formation of a tabletop RPG group at work this month. We're playing old-school AD&D (first edition, baby!) over lunch. So far it's pretty great, and should only get better as we get into the rhythm of the game. It's not exactly what I had intended "monthly game night" to be, but it may turn out to be a reasonable substitute.

  3. Monthly photo walk

    Gave myself a pass in September due to my photography duties at the kiddo's birthday party, but I really, really need to get something on the schedule for October. Somebody, please tweet at me and @codeshaman and yell at us about it.


  1. New camera body

    Done. Still happy.

  2. Fireplace

    Nada. Deferring even thinking about this for now.

  3. Computers

    Need to figure out when our next "Old Computer Round-Up" is so that I can put a deadline on wiping the old machines that need to leave.

  4. Mailbox


  5. Mattress

    Found a really good sale around Labor Day, and now we have a new mattress! Yay!

  6. Budget

    Have put together a rough budget and discussed it with Liz. Still need to get some numbers from her so that we can have better clarity. But it's progress, at long last, and I feel vaguely like an adult.

I won't lie to you, Marge, the mojo has been in kind of a funk lately. I'm really hoping I can get it back on track soon.

On the plus side, I've barely touched over the past month, and being sick for a week gave me an interesting opportunity to marathon every Tom Baker episode of Doctor Who that Netflix is streaming, as well as to experiment with facial hair (shaved after two weeks due to the itch factor). And given the reality of our upcoming Hack Day coming ever closer, I've finally found the motivation to start building the web apps to help run it that I've been wanting for years, and am making some good progress in only a couple of nights. So there's that.

I also submitted four talks to CodeMash and two talks to PyCon, which I think demonstrates that if there's one thing I really excel at, it's overcommitment. Live and learn, right?

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