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August Mojo Check

Destination Unknown

Late again due to lots of distractions (vacation, computer maintenance, too much time on Let's see where I'm at...

Physical Health

  1. Exercise 3 times weekly

    Mixed results, though now that I'm back from vacation, and the worst of the heat/humidity seems to be done, and Chris is done with triathlon training (congrats on completing it, by the way), I'm getting the walk breaks in again. Also, did some silly back-yard soccer while on vacation; lots of fun even though it reminded me exactly how out of shape I am.

  2. Weight: 175 pounds

    Stalled at 185. Meh.

  3. Floss daily

    Still on my unbroken winning streak from March. Yay.

  4. Fix my sleep cycle

    Thanks to our vacation in Canada, where my AT&T data plan is no good, and the house we rented had no internet, I've somewhat rebooted my sleep cycle. Going cold turkey from Turntable was painful for the first couple of nights, I'll admit... Now to see if I can keep to something reasonable.

Mental Health: Professional, Nerd, and Hobby Goals

  1. Speak at PyCon -- done!

  2. Catch up on photo uploads

    I've got all the underwater photos from last fall's cruise fixed up with GPS data and corrected dates, so I can move forward on that stuff at some point. Of course now I've got about 4000 photos from our July and August vacation weeks that I haven't even rated, let alone processed and uploaded, so I'm more behind here than ever.

  3. Restart From Python Import Podcast

    As stated on our Twitter account, our five-point plan kind of sucks. Nothing happening here thanks to life. Which is sad, because there's a lot of great stuff going on in the Python world.

  4. Figure out what my job is

    At this point, done. Check. Yay.

  5. Read Clean Code -- done!

    If you haven't, you should. Then read it again.

  6. Read at least one book per month

    I owe Doug Hellmann a review of his book. But at least I've started it!

    I used vacation as an excuse to dive into some things that I've been wanting to read for a while; in the past week or so, I've read Cory Doctorow's Little Brother and Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now as well as Tom Scalzi's Old Man's War. All were excellent. Reading three books in a week also felt really, really good--I don't think I've been able to read anything at that pace since the mid-90s.

    This puts me somewhere around five-and-a-bit out of twelve, so there's still work to do here. And I should work on pacing so that it's not all binge-reading.

  7. Blog twice monthly

    Probably on target, if I can get around to writing the handful of posts that I've been putting off for the past couple of weeks.


  1. Attend Clepy six times

    The August meeting was while I was out of town, so... Still one for eight.

  2. Monthly game night

    Nope. Totally not happening lately. Life. Busy. Yeah.

  3. Monthly photo walk

    I'm giving myself a pass on this since I shot about 20 gigs of photos while on vacation. But Chris and I should get something on the schedule.


  1. New camera body

    Done. Still happy.

  2. Fireplace

    Nada. Deferring even thinking about this for now.

  3. Computers

    Need to figure out when our next "Old Computer Round-Up" is so that I can put a deadline on wiping the old machines that need to leave.

  4. Mailbox


  5. Mattress

    Nada. Hopefully sometime this summer. We'll see.

  6. Budget

    Still no progress. I need to figure out how this can be a priority for both of us instead of something we eternally put off.

Progress on the sleep and reading fronts kind of caught me by surprise, but it's nice, and I'll take it. If I can get past computer maintenance and photo backlog and overcoming the Turntable addiction...

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