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July Mojo Check

I'm late with this, which clearly can't mean good things for my overall progress. Let's see, here...

Physical Health

  1. Exercise 3 times weekly

    My motivation for participating in the walking challenge at work has totally cratered. First, when the official competition part started, all of our data got nuked. Then the weather has gone straight to hell; the humidity is tolerable in our offices, but there are significant parts of my walking route (through the warehouse) that aren't climate controlled, so they're downright swampy. And when I'm being good about getting all my steps in, I find that I'm not delivering enough on my work tasks. On top of all of that, the damn pedometer likes nothing more than to fall off at every opportunity. So. Yeah. Totally slacking. I haven't worn the pedometer in weeks, and I'm genuinely happier without being shackled to it.

  2. Weight: 175 pounds

    Stalled at 185.

  3. Floss daily

    Still on my unbroken winning streak from March. Yay.

  4. Fix my sleep cycle

    A complete disaster since I discovered Turntable. More on this later. On the plus side, I got awesomed by Neil Gaiman.

Mental Health: Professional, Nerd, and Hobby Goals

  1. Speak at PyCon -- done!

  2. Catch up on photo uploads

    Looks like I'm still missing some scans from the underwater photos, so this has stalled again, but I've at least got most of the underwater stuff fixed up with correct dates and GPS locations. Ever closer to getting somewhere...

  3. Restart From Python Import Podcast

    This is getting to be an embarrassing goal. Of course, I could always try to blame Chris's so-called "five point plan" that was alluded to on our last episode. Really, life is happening to everyone involved, and hard.

  4. Figure out what my job is

    At this point, done. Check. Yay.

  5. Read Clean Code -- done!

    If you haven't, you should. Then read it again.

  6. Read at least one book per month

    I owe Doug Hellmann a review of his book. I'm still intimidated by its sheer heft.

  7. Blog twice monthly

    On target. Whee.


  1. Attend Clepy six times

    Doing poorly here. My June attendance fell through at the last minute, and it wasn't clear whether there would be a July meeting until after I'd gotten locked into other plans. So... One. Hmm.

  2. Monthly game night

    Did some Portal and Rock Band over July 4th, so that counts a little bit, but I'd still really like to get this back to what I'd wanted to do in the first place--an established, regular, non-videogame evening.

  3. Monthly photo walk

    I got two walks in during June--a day at the zoo with my family and a walk around Medina Town Square with Chris (post forthcoming).


  1. New camera body

    Done. Still happy.

  2. Fireplace

    Nada. Deferring even thinking about this for now.

  3. Computers

    Need to figure out when our next "Old Computer Round-Up" is so that I can put a deadline on wiping the old machines that need to leave.

  4. Mailbox


  5. Mattress

    Nada. Hopefully sometime this summer. We'll see.

  6. Budget

    Still no progress. I need to figure out how this can be a priority for both of us instead of something we eternally put off.

So. Not as much progress as I would have liked to see by this point in the year. Work, family, life... Just getting through from day to day and week to week is eating all my focus. Argh.

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