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May Photowalk: Ohio City

West Side Market
West Side Market
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For the past couple of months, friends in the office have been asking about being part of one of the photowalks that Chris and I have been doing. This month I had the presence of mind to actually involve some of them when planning the walk, and the result was an extended trek around Ohio City with Mike Griffith, Cory Sitko, Ben Smith, and David Snyder.

Maybe it was the beautiful weather, maybe it was the bounty of interesting subjects, maybe it was the new camera I was toting (upgrading from the 350D to the 60D, as well as a new walkabout lens with image stabilization), but I ended up being really happy with a lot more shots than usual--I ended up posting about twice as many shots as I have in previous walks. Of course, it could also be that we stayed out longer and moved slower; Chris and I usually set a hard two-hour limit that we went way, way past on this walk. Still, I'm really happy with a lot of what I shot.

Particular highlights include a very scary trash can, a dreamy Virgin Mary, a father-son moment, a comment on mortality, an attempt at irony, a game of chess, a ridiculously tall bicycle, a tiger in the back of a Mini, a family out for a stroll, the happiest art ever, and the first shot that's ever made me uncomfortable--I mean, seriously, look at his eyes!

I feel a little bad for being in "cheater modes" for most of the day, but on the other hand I kind of wanted to see what the 60D could do on its own. Also it was really warm and I was being lazy. I'll probably be spending a lot more time in the manual side of the dial next month. The new gear was definitely a win, though--particularly the image stabilized lens, which allows me a lot more freedom as I generally shoot without a tripod. I was also smart enough to make sure I had a polarizing filter on, which seemed to help out a lot--the difference in the light (not to mention the temperature!) between 10 AM in January and 10 AM in May is really quite striking!

I've already got a date on the calendar for a June walk; now all we need is a destination.

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