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April Photo Walk: Downtown Cleveland

Hard Area
Hard Area
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After a barrage of scheduling derailments in February and March, Chris and I finally made our calendars mesh long enough to go shooting again. Thus it was that we found ourselves in downtown Cleveland on the Tenth of April, greeted by the first really fantastic weather of spring. (One thing about living in Cleveland is that it will teach you to appreciate good weather!)

We started at Tower City and meandered down Euclid, to Playhouse Square, then back along Prospect to Public Square--about three miles in all.

Photography lessons learned:

  1. I don't care if the shadows from the buildings make the light weird; if the sky is blue, put the damn polarizing filter on! Otherwise that lovely spring sky gets blown out and looks gloomy and overcast.

  2. Photoshop has had epic powers of lens correction since CS2 that make it super-easy to adjust for barrel distortion. I've started playing with it quite a lot in this set, though I deliberately left alone it in some shots for effect.

  3. The best photo walks end with beer.

There are a lot of other photos that I'm quite satisfied with, so it's worth perusing the whole set. Hopefully a walk in May is easier to schedule, as the world should be exploding with greenery and life in a few short weeks.

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