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April is the Cruellest Mojo

It's hard to believe it's already been another month since my last check-in on my plans to take 2011 by storm!

Physical Health

  1. Exercise 3 times weekly

    Chris and I continue the daily walk breaks (more often than not), and we've added a semi-regular third person to the group, which helps motivate me to walk when Chris has to bail. It's April, so I think it's time to add stairs (and then try not to get too lost in the unfamiliar parts of the building).

  2. Weight: 175 pounds

    After ignoring the scale for a month, I hit 186. It's not jaw-droppingly amazing progress, but it's lower than last month, and it's not like I've really upped the exercise or altered my calorie intake, so I'll take any progress as a win. And it means I'm down almost ten pounds since I started trying to turn this around, so that's not terrible either.

  3. Floss daily

    Now that I've got a winning streak going, I'm doing quite well here. The timely visibility seems to once again be doing the trick, and printing up a full-year calendar breezed me through the March/April barrier without a hitch.

  4. Fix my sleep cycle

    Dragon Age 2 has thrown me for a bit of a loop here, but I've actually gone to bed at midnight for the past couple of days, so maybe there's hope.

Mental Health: Professional, Nerd, and Hobby Goals

  1. Speak at PyCon

    Done! I won't mention this again until I either feel a need to reminisce or panic about submitting another talk for next year.

  2. Catch up on photo uploads

    Starting to un-stall again now that PyCon and Mass Effect are behind me; I finally uploaded photos from our awesome day at Cedar Point back in October, so now I'm only five months behind instead of six.

  3. Restart From Python Import Podcast

    We managed to crank out a new episode in March, so we may be settling into a bi-monthly cadence (unless a scheduling miracle occurs in the next week or so).

  4. Figure out what my job is

    Yeah, I'll get back to you on that.

  5. Read Clean Code

    I stalled out here because I've been trying to get some work done during the kiddo's ballet class time. And The Making of The Empire Strikes Back has absorbed my other reading time. I'm so close, though, I must push through!

  6. Read at least one book per month

    Hah. No. Though I'm making serious headway on The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (a gigantic book with hundreds of oversized pages stuffed with minuscule type), so there's hope that I'll finish that at some point.

  7. Blog twice monthly

    Four posts in March, now up to two in April, and I've got two already prepared that I just need to publish (when the time feels right). Doing well here.

  8. Launch at least one personal code project

    Done! I was delighted to be able to introduce How Old Is My Kid? live on stage at the PyCon lightning talks. I'm still trying to process the applause of 1400 people. (I can tell you this--it feels good.)


  1. Attend Clepy six times

    I'm going to use the excuse that since there was no March meeting, I can't feel too bad about not attending in March. Hopefully I'll be able to make it on Monday... (Fingers crossed!)

  2. Monthly game night

    Post-PyCon scheduling has been insane, but I at least got in one really good Rock Band night once Liz got back from France. Her upcoming trip to Hungary will probably put a damper on any further progress in April.

  3. Monthly photo walk

    More scheduling difficulties due to PyCon, travel, illness, life... But we've got something on the calendar for April, so things are looking up here.


  1. Car

    Making car payments, like a bawse! On the plus side, I'm getting such good mileage out of the TDI engine that I'm only fueling up about once a month so far.

  2. New camera body

    Yeah, still not happening.

  3. Fireplace

    No progress.

  4. Computers

    Still need to wipe the old computers before the city's "Old Computer Round-Up" comes along.

  5. Mailbox

    Now that the seasons are getting serious about shifting, it's time to get serious about fixing this. Probably won't happen until Liz is back from Hungary.

  6. Mattress

    No progress; recent back troubles may be making this into a more urgent priority though. Sigh.

  7. Budget

    No progress, and fundamentally off the table until Liz's travel and study schedule calms down a bit.

So, a couple of major things checked off the list, progress on most things, and at least a little sense of timeline (or at least of how long I'm going to procrastinate) on the others. All in all, not bad.

How's your 2011 going?

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