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Video and Slides from my PyCon 2011 Talks

I've been hoping that the PyCon folks would have uploaded presentation slides by now, since they did such a good and thorough job of collecting them from all the speakers, but it's been a couple of weeks now with no sign of them, so I've given up and finally created an account on SlideShare. I'm really pleased, though, by the speed at which the A/V crew got all of the conference videos uploaded to

While I'd originally only planned a single talk for PyCon, I ended up giving three.

Exhibition of Atrocity

My main talk, a confessional of my sins against Python and suggestions for avoiding them. It seemed to be well-received; I'm glad that I put as much work into the final polishing as I did, working pretty much right up to the very last minutes before I had to go onstage.

I wasn't able to dig up the URL for the highly inspirational rage comic in time to get it into the video or slides, but I did manage to eventually find it--I first encountered it on imgur.



Win at Parenting with Python

I whipped this up on the plane trip from Cleveland on the off-chance I could get into a round of lightning talks. Basically I thought it would be fun to formally announce a personal project in front of 1400 people, an experience that I am only just beginning to comprehend.


My bit starts about 30 minutes in...


Mock in Production Code

Subtitled "It's Better Than Fixing Your Busted Old Shit", this talk for the Testing BoF came together at the last minute. Despite mortally offending Titus Brown with the awfulness of the code--it's like "the Aristocrats" but in Python--I had a lot of fun with this one. I'm choosing not to share the slides, though, for a variety of reasons--the language is fairly blue, the code samples really need more context than what's provided in the slides, and it's full of inappropriately appropriated pictures of goats. (It's a TiP BoF thing.) In short... You kind of had to be there.

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