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Speaking at PyCon 2011

PyCon 2011, Atlanta, March 9-17

My PyCon talk--Exhibition of Atrocity1--was accepted and will be part of the "Extreme PyCon" track! This is great news for my ego, but lousy news for my sleep schedule as it's one more sharp object to juggle. In the end, I hope that it's great news for you--if it's even half the talk I want it to be, it should be a lot of fun and valuable too.

I'm going to be spending the coming month tracking down examples of my sins against Python from the past eleven years. The vast majority of these will be from my day job, and will have to be vetted and possibly altered to make sure I don't give away any "secret sauce" of our IP. Variable names may be changed to protect the innocent.

As a safeguard against being too-redacted by TPTB, I'd like to invite you to suggest things you've seen in the open source world that are particularly gnarly or horrific that would be worth highlighting. Maybe a standard library module that reminded you too much of looking C'thulu in the face, or that brilliantly evil hack in your favorite project that's both epic and blood-curdling. I don't get to peer into the deep innards of much of the community's code very often, so I'd greatly appreciate a little extra perspective. Note that I'm not looking to slam any projects or developers--this is a safe place where I'd like to be able to say "OMGWTF!" about code with a healthy smile and without any ego getting in the way.

Most importantly, though, my plea to you is this: if, in any way, I have ever wronged you with code, let me know! I've worked up the nerve to suggest this talk, so you won't hurt my feelings. Let me have it with both barrels; we will all be better for it.

I'm excited to be part of what is shaping up to be the most epic PyCon in recent memory. There are so many great-looking talks that I'm scared of actually seeing the schedule and trying to sort out what I'm going to be attending. Normally the hardest part of PyCon is that there's just too much awesome stuff to see or do it all, but this year really takes the cake--even choosing tutorial sessions was agony!

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you (and spending half an hour embarassing myself) at PyCon 2011.

  1. With apologies to Gary Numan and Joy Division.  

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