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Tremont Photo Walk

Winter Blues
Winter Blues
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After years of dithering and making excuses, I found the perfect way to motivate myself to get out and do a photowalk--find a friend with his first DSLR and bully him into going out shooting to play with his new toy!

And that's exactly what I had the pleasure of doing a couple weekends ago. My coworker (and dare I say... buddy?) Chris Miller had just splurged on a nice new Nikon, and even better was able to overcome the "I don't know, where do you want to go" ennui that has kept me a "cats, kid, and vacations" photographer for the past few years. Thus it was that, in spite of it being January in Cleveland and absolutely fucking cold outside, we met up at Civilization in Tremont and then set out for a couple of hours' stroll in the bitter, awful beauty of an icy Saturday morning.

I could ramble for a bit about where we walked and what we saw, but frankly the photos speak for themselves, and I'm really pleased to see some good results from Chris as well, particularly this one. I have some problems editing a collection to publish, but having a one-in-four ratio of images I like enough to show the world still feels pretty good to me; in the past it was closer to one-in-ten or three-in-twenty.

What is noteworthy, at least in what passes for my life, is that:

  1. I got a nice walk (a little over two miles);
  2. I learned (and remembered) a few things about Cleveland history;
  3. I found out that I can go shoot in much colder weather than I thought practical;
  4. I got out of the house and did something social and creative with a fully-functional adult that didn't involve being at a bar.

It's this last item that is especially important to me; I usually don't have any plans on the weekend because the combination of workday exhaustion and trying to spend appropriate time with my family leaves me little leeway to indulge in my own mental and social well-being. While work is often awesome and exciting and fun, it's still work, and I very easily fall into the trap of letting it dominate my waking hours; I don't want it to be the only thing that defines my identity. And likewise I love and my family, but having a chance to do something just for myself--especially while the sun's still up!--makes me appreciate them even more. I tend to neglect and deprioritize my personal creativity, and I've realized lately that I'm tired of doing that to myself.

Chris and I both agreed that we'd like to make these outings a regular occurrence; we'll aim for once a month for starters as that seems like it strikes a good balance with everything else on our schedules, and we'll try to hit new and interesting places each outing to avoid getting into a rut (though obviously it might be fun to revisit some locations in different seasons).

Is it February yet?

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