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Disney Cruise Part Nine


Today was long. Long, long, long. And I'm glad it's done, and that it ends with us all safe at home.

We disembarked with mixed emotions--happy with our cruise, excited by our adventures, sad to be leaving the relaxed cruise lifestyle, but glad to be going home.

Then it was off to the airport, where we were about half an hour too late to get onto an earlier flight home. Once again we were happy not to be scanned or groped in the security line (really, as a parent, what am I supposed to choose to inflict on my daughter? The porno scanner? Or being touched by a stranger?). So then we had to just wait, wait, and wait some more, which is bad enough when you aren't traveling with a three-year-old. We killed time eating lunch, calling grandparents, and letting Claire run around in circles with a boy about her age.

After some initial fussiness as we got onto the plane, Claire promptly fell fast asleep before we even left the gate, which worked out great for us. We felt bad for the family across the aisle from us whose two toddlers fought and fussed the whole flight. Otherwise, the flight was uneventful, and it felt good to get home.

The cats missed us enough to even let Claire hug, kiss, and pet them, which is a major breakthrough in feline-child relations.

Now begin the tasks of unpacking, laundry, and sorting through the thousands of photos that we took during the past week. We had great time and will enjoy these memories for years to come.

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