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Disney Cruise Part Eight


Our final day aboard the Magic saw us return to Castaway Cay.

Had the special "character breakfast" today, in which costumed castmembers visit each table as you eat. Lots of fun, and got great smiles out of the kiddo.

Once ashore, we floated for awhile in the lagoon, then did some sandcastle work before getting lunch. We missed the crab races, but I had fun dancing with Claire and generally making a fool out of myself.

We headed back and got to packing so that we wouldn't have to be as stressed about it later. Kiddo chose to eat dinner at the Oceaneer's Club, then insisted on rejoining us for our later dinner seating, where she promptly fell fast asleep in her chair. The waitstaff sent our meals up to the room, where we ate quietly while the kid slept on the other side of the curtain. She's exhausted from a week of late bedtimes, no naps, and big excitement. I can't blame her at all for just hitting her limit and shutting down. (And she was pretty damn cute.)

I stayed out to photo the "Until We Meet Again" character session and was rewarded with a lot of promising shots.

Sadly we didn't run into "Claire From England" today, so the kiddo didn't get to say goodbye to her. I left some treats with the photo staff to deliver to her.

Really should be getting to sleep as we've got a long, long day ahead of us with both disembarkation and air travel. Whee!

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