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One Honking Great Idea

I really enjoyed From Python Import Podcast's two-parter on the Zen of Python, but I've been thinking that they may have missed something really interesting in the last item in the Zen:

Namespaces are one honking great idea--let's do more of those!

For a long time, I had largely overlooked this one myself, because on its face it seems frivolous and perhaps too specific. Up to that point, the Zen is all broad strokes and elegant generalizations, and suddenly BAM! here comes this thing about namespaces that's full of colloquialisms and exclamation points, and it feels very tacked on and strange and arbitrary, like a sort of gangly teenager trying to fit into a more mature crowd.

Naturally, the conversation in the podcast went straight down the nerd rabbit hole to talk about the meaning of namespaces, and completely neglected the real meat here, which is a pity because this might actually be one of the most important aspects of the Zen.

This is an expression of the enthusiasm and joy that pervade the Python community.

This is Python's "Get Excited and Make Things." This is a formal declaration that it's all right to get excited about stuff that we make. This is a mission statement to go forth and create new delights, so that those who encounter them may be similarly inspired. That above all, this stuff should be fun.

Think about that the next time you're crafting some Python code and see if it doesn't change how you approach things.

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