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"Teach Me Dependency Injection" at Clepy

The stars finally aligned in a configuration that allowed me to return to Clepy, our local Python group. It was really nice to see some folks that I hadn't in forever, including some long-lost ex-AGI people that I hadn't caught up with in what seemed like forever.

We did tonight's meeting in the "Teach Me X" format made popular by Steve Holden's "Teach Me Twisted" open space at Pycon 2009. One of our newer compatriots, Chris Miller, had been hearing a lot of buzz about dependency injection and wanted a deeper exposure to it, so he played the questioner while David Stanek played ringleader to the group discussion. The format was a lot of fun, and a good way to engage the group without having a more straightforward and less-interactive "eyes-forward" Powerpoint extravaganza of death, though the conversation did seem to be dominated by a few voices that had had the most experience with DI in their professional lives. But overall it was good, and I think that at least a few people had lightbulb moments, and I suspect that even us seasoned DI nerds achieved some insights into the subject as well.

I'm eager to try out the "Teach Me..." format at work, where I've got some peer education to-dos that I've been struggling to figure out how to structure without causing roomfuls of eyes to glaze over.

In other news, Cleveland Give Camp is coming up in July, and they're eager for all types of participation--so whether you want to help organize the event or want to participate (they're particularly seeking code-slingers and graphic designers), this looks like a great opportunity to Do Some Good.

Clepy are a nice bunch of smart folks; meetings are held on the second Monday of the month aboard LeanDog's awesome boat. And now we have an official pizza and beer fund, so we can enjoy a bit of a treat whilst geeking about. If you're in Cleveland and are interested in Python, it's definitely worth joining in. I certainly hope to make it a regular part of my extracurricular life again.

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