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Tweeted on 2009-12-07

  • Hot diggity dog, we managed to get a family picture on the Polar Express where *all three of us* are in focus!! Print it! #
  • I love my DSLR, but it's going to be 4 soon, and it really likes to betray me on the autofocus front. I need a bigger budget for new toys! #
  • Looks like water and electricity companies both changed my account numbers this month. That doesn't make me feel uneasy or anything... #
  • Ooo, our Christmas lights and tree branches have arrived from storage! (Now all we need is the pole for the tree and we'll be in business.) #
  • Oh boy, a whole week of lunch meetings where there isn't any lunch! I can't wait! #
  • @Aquamindy Pycon is in Atlanta, the weekend after Valentine's. in reply to Aquamindy #
  • @benjaminws I say ditch the mullet, as you're turning over a new leaf. It can be a virtual ceremonial haircut! in reply to benjaminws #
  • RT @bethdean: Please don't support Pepsi, they recently sponsored a "Kill the gays" themed concert in Uganda. #
  • I love a good wild goose chase. #
  • Left a big pile of charity donations at our doorstop today for a "confirmed pickup"... Guess what's still there 12 hours later? #
  • On the plus side, it feels great telling off AT&T U-verse telemarketers. #
  • Good thing I noticed wife's laptop--a firefox tab was stuck in an infinite refresh loop and the CPU fan sounded like an plane throttling up! #
  • Must extract cat from lap, intercept laundry, and find willpower to go to sleep. None of these things sounds like very much fun. #

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