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Atomisator Configuration for Unified Python Planet

Robert Kern asked me to share my Atomisator configuration for the Unified Python Planet. So, here it is:


# sources
sources = 

# filters
# "doublons" is French for "duplicates" --  this is what de-dups the feed
filters =
# enhancers
# I'm not using any, just leave this blank (default)
enhancers =

# outputs
outputs =
    rss /home2/mpirnat/webapps/pirnatwp/static/unified_python_planet.xml "" "Unified Python Planet" "A uniqued union of the Official and Unofficial Python planet feeds.  Generated by Atomisator FTW!" 

# database
database = sqlite:///atomisator/unified_python_planet.db

The example configuration files that come with Atomisator are really good at illustrating how you would use them; I've omitted the explanatory comments from my example, but they're in the examples and will point you in the right direction. Thanks again to Tarek for this very handy tool!

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