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A More Excellent Unified Python Planet

Good news, everyone!

After a couple days of playing Twitter tag with Tarek Ziade, we finally met up for lunch at PyCon, where, in addition to having a lovely conversation, he was kind enough to give me a personal tour of his Atomisator framework for data aggregation.

Atomisator is much savvier than Yahoo Pipes at things like removing duplicates and not mangling content, so I've kicked Pipes to the curb and hooked up the Unified Python Planet feed to my Atomisator output.

What this means for you, lucky reader, is that everyone who subscribes to the Unified Python Planet should not only stop getting duplicates, but, more importantly, have legible code samples directly in the feed. (It's okay if you need to take a moment to process this joyous news. It makes me pretty damn happy.)

Please let me know if you experience any flakiness with the new, improved feed.

I want to give major, major thanks to Tarek! Atomisator is really well suited to this purpose, as well as some other stuff I'm now curious to tinker with.

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