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Tweeted on 2008-11-25

Since last time...

  • Okay, I give up. It's winter enough to put the Jayne hat on. At least now people know I "ain't afraid of nuthin'." #
  • @Aquamindy Do I need to invite some of my posse that never seems to eat if not at our house? in reply to Aquamindy #
  • If an external party insists on giving you data as overengineered XML, you'd think they'd be polite enough to give you *valid* XML... *sigh* #
  • Photo of kiddo sitting in her new chair holding plush Siamese cat gives the impression of being the world's youngest Bond villain. #
  • Gem of wisdom from coworker conversation: If it ain't broke, don't fix it until you're ready to support it. #
  • @csitko has written his first unit tests. Apparently this means I owe him cake tomorrow, per our longstanding bet. in reply to csitko #

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