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  • 08:03 One free 8x10 photo print from Walgreens today only; use coupon code "4MOM". (Now to choose just one to print...)
  • 09:50 @bethdean Pretty sure there's such a thing as being *too* authentic... and that might qualify.
  • 11:38 Hot diggety, I got sIFR and Dojo 1.1 to play nice! I can now make sIFR dojo.require()able, put it in my dojo.addOnLoad() cycle, etc. Joy!
  • 11:52 @TheThirdPart sIFR is dynamic replacement of text with Flash elements:
  • 17:46 A coworker spilled water on his keyboard today. Now his right shift key launches his web browser.
  • 21:02 McCain promises to "fight evil" if elected... What, is he running for Steward of Gondor or something?

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