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PyCon 2010 in Cleveland? Yes Please!

There's a lot of excitement on the ClePy mailing list about trying to bring PyCon to Cleveland in 2010. David Stanek is leading the charge, getting folks talking, and planning, and motivated.

Clevelanders who want to help out bringing Python's premier conference to our fair city should head on over to the bid page on the Python wiki and lend their names and support.

Non-Clevelanders, have no fear! Cleveland's really quite misunderstood and under-appreciated. We've got a great restaurant scene (we're home to the newest Iron Chef!), tons of attractions (like the Science Center and Rock Hall), world-class museums and other cultural institutions (maybe a few of you have heard of the Cleveland Orchestra, which is rated among the top 3-5 worldwide), the nation's second largest performing arts center, beautiful parks and lake views, and more--all within walking distance of either the likely conference site or available with a quick jaunt on the rapid transit system. Plus the river hasn't caught on fire for decades, but you can savor the legacy with really good local beer. ;-)

In short, there's plenty to love about bringing PyCon to Cleveland. Let's do it!

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