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The Upside of Influenza

I spent the better part of a week in bed with a nasty case of influenza--chills, aches, sweats, nausea, digestive "issues", 102.9 degree fever--the works. And once again, everyone in my family had the great taste to all get sick at the exact same time, so you can imagine the fun that Liz and I had trying to comfort and care for Claire while we were clobbered by the bug.

But! Surprise, surprise! It turns out that even influenza can have a silver lining or two.

First, I lost six pounds, which is nice in the wake of holiday indulgence and a baby-driven complete lack of regular exercise routine.

More importantly, I now know what's happening to my sock drawer.

About once a week, I find my sock drawer in disarray, half-open and mixed-up, with two or three pairs on the floor in front of the dresser. I'd been wondering why and how for a while. Luckily, when one spends a week in bed with said dresser in direct view, one gets a chance to observe the cause and culprit first-hand--namely, Valentine the cat. She's figured out how to open the drawer, then jumps up onto the dresser and starts digging in the socks until she's satisfied with the disaster she's caused. I watched her steal four pairs of socks before she finally got bored and dashed off to chase her sister. I just about died laughing.

I know I sound like a broken record--but I'd really love to have a couple weeks or even a month of 2008 in which I'm not being devastated by the illness of the week.

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