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Hello From the House of the Dead

I was really looking forward to writing some more about our "first Christmas" experiences, or of our post-Christmas road trip to Chicago for a Boyd-side reunion of sorts, or Liz's 30th birthday festivities (oh, the wine!), the exciting new year to come, but instead I've been absolutely annihilated by some sort of mutant cold virus that's busy devastating our house.

I'm sick. Liz is sick. Worst of all, Claire is sick.

Normally I'm content to lie in bed and feel awful until I've kicked whatever I've come down with, but when the baby is sick, that hide-in-the-covers-and-pretend-to-be-dead time evaporates. She wants hands-on attention whenever she's awake, won't sleep for more than an hour at a time, and largely refuses to sleep if she's not being rocked to sleep in one's arms. It's hard to get healthy when you're trying to be a good parent, and hard to be a good parent if you aren't healthy enough to stand up.

So it's a tricky game around here, and not a lot of fun. Hopefully 2008 starts to improve soon...

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