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Up for Air

Phew! It's been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. I can't believe I haven't had time to come up for (blog) air since before Halloween.

First of all, I'm happy to announce that after a lot of extra work on the weekends and evenings to get things wrapped up, AG's new custom photo card service is now live and ready to help you with your holiday card needs! I'm honestly very impressed with the product--the card designs are great, and they look fantastic on the high-quality paper they're printed on. Since I'm not AG's usual target demographic, it's rare for me to be this wowed by what we put together, but these are cards I'd want to buy and send. So, major congrats to everyone on my team and who's helped to bring this to life!

Claire's had her first cold, which has thrown the sleep schedule off a little bit during the day, but she's still sleeping through the night like a champ. She's graduated to a new size of diaper, and progressing happily (she's gained almost 40% of her birth weight already!). She's recently discovered that her legs are stronger than she thought; she really enjoys standing up while I steady her torso. And there are several more great photos over at my Flickr stream (again protected for her privacy).

It's hard to believe, but our anniversary's come around again already; it'll be seven years tomorrow. We'll celebrate with Champagne and caviar and a nice relaxing dinner in. Marriage has been quite an adventure so far, and it's just getting more interesting as it continues... One thing that's abundantly clear is that sharing my life with Liz has simply been the best. :-)

Off to check on Claire--it's time to eat and play again!

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