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Between work and Claire, life has been too busy to blog lately. In the office, it's crunch time again, which means weird hours and sometimes some weekend heroics; at home, we've had some rough going with the whole getting-Claire-to-sleep thing.

So we're giving up on the "let the baby figure out when to be asleep and when to be awake" strategy and are putting her onto a firm schedule. Liz picked up Good Night, Sleep Tight from the library, which we used to draw up a rough sleep/wake schedule and a bedtime routine. We had to miss what looks to have been an awesome party last night (alas!), but so far the schedule is working out great, and will probably help us get back to being social sooner. Mom and Dad are finally getting enough rest to feel human, and Claire's demeanor is already greatly improved. We also decided that she's old enough to start sleeping in her crib instead of the bassinet in our bedroom, and she's sleeping like a champ in her new digs. Hooray!

This has allowed me to discover two-hour chunks of time to Get Stuff Done that I hadn't previously had, so I've finally made progress on a bunch of personal projects that were falling by the wayside. I finally upgraded Drinkable Grape to the latest version of Wordpress, registered a domain name for a personal project (hooray for Bust a Name, a very cool way to find available domains), and decommissioned our personal WebDAV app in favor of using Spanning Sync to share our calendars with each other. I've also uploaded some more Claire photos (restricted again to friends and family-only access).

I've been doing the personal unit test thing for just over three weeks now. I've been using a Google Docs spreadsheet to track my results for each day; it works, but it isn't perfect. I like that I have access to it from any computer (good) but dislike how laggy it is, and the charting options aren't quite doing it for me. So while I need to find a better system for tracking my data, overall I like the process; I like seeing the things that need work, and I love seeing and tracking measurable improvements. The net effect of succeeding at lots of little goals feels pretty good.

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