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ClePy Catch-Up: Asterisk and Pagoda and Web Tools, Oh My!

I missed the September ClePy meeting because I was too busy helping my wife fork a child process (there seems to be an awful lot of that going around the Python community lately, based on what I've seen on the Planet feeds--something in the water, perhaps?). But I hear that Brian Beck put together some nice slides for his talk on his Pagoda CMS system, and Nick Barendt clued folks into how to run their own open-source PBX with Asterisk and AGI.

Asterisk turned up again during open discussion at this Monday's meeting; while getting caught up, I got the scoop on Asterisk (since I'd missed the talk and been too busy with baby and work to read Nick's PDF) and we had a good time talking about crazy PBX tricks; the coolest idea was to use Asterisk to hook up your desk phone as a combination lock to trigger a secret door to your underground lair (awesome!).

The meeting proper was a short one due to the sudden absence of one of our speakers; Monday's lone presenter was Gary Bernhardt, who put three great packages together--httplib2, Beautiful Soup, and Feedparser--for a discussion of "Talking to the Web with Python." In a particularly interesting example, Gary showed us how to combine Beautiful Soup with Feedparser to build a Technorati-ish blog link extractor in eight lines of code. Note that combining these in a nice, sparse nested loop structure (or even in a super-l33t list comprehension) is a fabulous way to peg your CPU (you have been warned).

Our next meeting will be November 5--if chance finds you in the greater Cleveland area, drop on by!

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