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July Clepy Meeting, Sprint Thoughts

We had a shorter and lighter ClePy meeting tonight, which ended up working out just fine. Dan Buch gave an entertaining talk on how he fell into and out of love with Grok, a frameworkish sort of thing for Zope 3. We had a pretty informal discussion of the state of things, in framework land (especially the TurboGears 2 new), in Python (relating to the recent Python 3000 kerfluffle), and in what we're up to in our own projects.

Since we ended a bit earlier than usual, we popped down the street for a bite to eat and a round of beer and more chatter. We talked a little bit about the general failure of our sprints to, well, happen, and will hopefully be kicking around some ideas on how to make the project into something that people are excited about contributing to. Personally, I think the "let's integrate a bunch of existing, mature products" approach that we planned is what's hurting us the most. Taking four or five disparate (and probably more-complicated-than-necessary) things and getting them all to play nicely and be consistent with one another just feels too much like real work. I think we'd be much happier creating something small, simple, and original, even if it's not tremendously groundbreaking or the category of problem has already been done.

Next month we'll be sponsored by and hosting a presentation from Google. The topic and speaker are still to be determined, but there will be swag, so that's good enough for me. :-)

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