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Fantastic Timing

Naturally, right at the height of the iPhone hooplah, the USB ports on the back of my 23" Apple Cinema Display would decide to die a sad and lonely death.

I woke up this morning to find that neither my keyboard nor mouse (the USB devices attached to the back of the ACD) would wake Serenity from its slumber. I gently caressed the power button on the front to trigger it to wake, and found that mouse and keyboard had left the building; it was totally unresponsive. I tried both ports on the back of the ACD and had the same result. So, like a good little geek trained in the scientific method, I started isolating variables, testing each of the USB ports on the Mac Pro itself (all good), testing other USB gizmos in the display (no joy), testing the display against each USB port on the Mac Pro (also no joy), testing a different keyboard and mouse against the display (nothing) and each of the ports on the box itself (all fine), and finally testing the display plugged into an entirely different Mac (still no luck).

My super-awesome wife has volunteered to call Apple tomorrow since I missed the cut-off time for the Apple Care hotline. I strongly suspect that Saturday or Sunday will involve another trip out to the Genius Bar, which I'm sure will be a delightful place to visit among the throngs of prospective iPhone buyers... Snarf. Hopefully they can just swap it out with a new display since it's still under warranty (just barely six months old!); I'd really hate to be without a display for days or weeks.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that there is great wisdom in never throwing out extra cables. (Hooray for USB extenders!)

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