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Hacking in NYC

While Liz took her exam today, I holed up in the hotel room (for the most part, I dislike NYC) and, freed from the distractions of house and work, busted out my inner geek and started getting traction on a TurboGears project I'd been meaning to start for the past year-and-a-bit.

I'm very pleased to say that things are starting to improve on the documentation front, and for many of the places that the docs are still a bit lacking, you can generally find answers or examples with a little well-targeted Googling. I'm (still) a little annoyed that the identity package ties visit tracking into the basic identity framework--I'll probably end up hacking around that eventually, but for now the fact that it Just Works is pretty nice. Similarly, Patrick Lewis's Registration for TurboGears was a very helpful find that simultaneously saved me a lot of annoyance and which will make some good example material to dissect and grok. Plus I can get back to writing the meat of the application instead of mucking around with a problem that has been solved over and over again. (I guess that's sort of the TG philosophy, and I should not be surprised, but it's nice to see it actually working instead of being just a nice idea.)

Additionally, I'm finding Bazaar to be a nice fit for my brain and available time. For some reason, getting a Subversion repository going always manages to sap any and all of my motivation for actually writing code. In contrast, Bazaar is just a few quick keystrokes away and without any tedious fiddling about figuring out how I want to structure things. Like the other things that have made me happy today, it Just Works.

Hopefully this means I can actually start to build some momentum, learn a few things, and eventually have something to show for it.

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