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Washington State: Part 6

Wine Porn
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Thursday began in earnest on Red Mountain in the vineyard at Hightower, hawk circling overhead, Murray the dog by our feet. Kelly Hightower poured and talked us through the tasting. We met Brent Goedhart there, working on a Syrah for his upcoming Goedhart Family Wines project; he recommended that we stop at Hedges while we were in the area (his wife is the assistant winemaker), so we got directions from Kelly and headed off to what became the surprise hit of the week.

We tasted the lineup at Hedges, with Cristophe Hedges as our guide. We toured the library, then were invited to stick around for lunch with the winemaker, vineyard manager, and pretty much everyone else who was on hand--lovely folks all, and we had a delightful conversation and quite enjoyed our time with them. As we were getting ready to leave the beautiful estate, Cristophe, to our amazement, packed up everything we'd tasted and insisted that we take it with us. We found it best to smile and say thank you.

We stopped briefly at Chandler Reach, which sadly did not wow us (admittedly we were all feeling a bit spoiled by this point).

We rested for a while back at the Cañon de Sol guest house, then while Jenny and Liz made dinner, it was my job to start a campfire as phase one of Operation S'more. Now, I've tended a few fires before and consider myself pretty good at their general operation, care, and feeding, but I've never had to start one of the things from scratch before. So, after encountering some ironic and appropriate kindling, I blossomed with manly pride when I achieved a nice, sustained flame. Liz came to marvel over my studliness, and set me to gathering up suitable sticks for marshmallow toasting. Dinner wrapped up as the sun set over the hills, and as night settled in, we wound down with marshmallows and dark chocolate s'mores, and decided to call the day a success.

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