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Washington State: Part 5

Jean-Claude Pours
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Wednesday began in Walla Walla with a rainy visit to Abeja. Then it was time to head west, back toward Yakima Valley. We sojourned at Woodward Canyon along the way, lunched at a Mexican joint in Pasco (food okay, bathroom frightening), and zoomed past the Horse Heaven Hills on our way to an appointment at Apex with new winemaker Jean-Claude, with whom we had a tremendously fun and interesting conversation as we tasted through their lineup. We paused briefly in Prosser, indulging in a visit to Chukar Cherries, then wrapped up our wine journey with a tasting at Cañon de Sol with winemaker Victor Cruz.

After the tasting, we settled in at the Cañon de Sol guest house, made plans for groceries and dinner, and set out on our evening errands. Though we made the mistake of shopping while hungry, I at least had the presence of mind to realize that, in the company of two women, and with the all the capabilities of producing a campfire readily at hand back at the guest house, picking up goodies to make s'mores was a must. Following an amazing sunset, we rushed into Kennewick to look for restaurants that Victor had recommended. Unfortunately pretty much anything reputable had closed, but discovered that "The Pub" fit all of our criteria (open, people there, kitchen serving food) and so we tucked into burgers and beers to finish off the day.

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