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Washington State: Part 3

Originally uploaded by mikepirnat.

We set off Monday morning to drive through the Cascades on the outbound leg of our epic wine country road trip, with [info]wolffire along as native guide. We stopped in Yakima for lunch (yes, Dad, I took pictures of the train) and arrived in Walla Walla a little after four o'clock. Once we got settled at the Tucker Inn, we headed into town for dinner at 26 Brix (where we were slightly overwhelmed by the portions and slightly underwhelmed by the meal), and I took particular delight in the offerings across the street at La Hacienda.

I took this shot for [info]oogby, because it reminds me of something that he'd make into a costume or a spaceship.

Hey, [info]butterandjelly, does this (found on the wall in the living room at the Tucker Inn) look kind of like this to you? Or am I just crazy?

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