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In Which Google Continues its Takeover of My Entire Life

I've found my Livejournal "friends page" to be increasingly cumbersome as a feed aggregation and reading service. Liz has fallen in love with Pulp Fiction and uses it religiously. PF is great for reading JL friends--since it can remember cookies, one can see all of one's friends' friends-only posts. But Liz tends to live entirely on one computer, whereas I am sometimes at my Mac Pro, sometimes on the hand-me-down Powerbook, and sometimes (okay, usually) at work. This variety of machines is where PF falls down, as there's no easy way to keep track of what I have and haven't read across all of them.

And then I remembered that Google had released a Google Reader a while back to solve this problem, so I've decided to give it a whirl. So far it's proven to be tremendously convenient and useful, with the only downside that it's unsuitable for reading content that is protected or otherwise requires authentication.

What is anyone else doing to make life in RSS-land less painful and tedious?

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