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April ClePy Meeting

In a very special episode of ClePy, we were joined by guest star Drew Robbins, a "Developer Evangelist" from Microsoft. Drew gave us an overview of IronPython, did a number of live demos, and fielded a wide array of "interactivity" from the group. He also gave away a Zune using Python's random.randint() to pick a lucky winner; I was the first number picked but, since my house is full of Macs, I opted instead to let the second random choice get the goods to prevent having to waste my time eBaying the thing. In all, it was a good evening; we posed some good challenges--out of curiosity and not spite (as far as I could tell)--and while IronPython fell down in a few places, it also had some nice successes.

We've set a real, solid date for our first sprint (finally!): Saturday, April 14 at noon at the Bier Markt. More info will surely follow on the mailing list; give us a shout or come on down if you want to join us as we embark on our group website replacement/Meetup-killer.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, May 7, again at American Greetings. Christian Wyglendowski will talk about the Bazaar source control system, and Gary Bernhardt will talk about his RESTdb project (or something else sufficiently interesting, perhaps

If you're in Northeast Ohio and feeling Pythonic, come on down and join us sometime!

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