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March ClePy Meeting

At tonight's ClePy meeting, Ralph Heimburger presented an overview of ReportLab, which makes programmatic generation of PDF's wicked easy, and Matt Gibberman gave us an introduction to Paramiko, which brings ssh2 into your Python toolkit. Both look like really great libraries, and I look forward to tinkering with them at some point.

We hope to be scheduling a sprint very shortly to work on Shindig, our fledgling that we're mostly working on so that we can stop having to fight with Plone. One of our members has a connection at the Bier Markt, which (rumor has it) has both space and free wi-fi, so we may have a really great sprint location.

Next month, Microsoft's Drew Robbins will be in town to give us the lowdown on IronPython, which should be great!

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