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We Can Rebuild It (Slowly)

Another fabulous win for my productivity today--my cube was completely dismantled, moved a few feet to one side, and put back together again, allowing a new cubicle to be built in between me and a neighbor. I was told to expect "an hour or two" that I wouldn't be able to get anything done in... which turned into seven hours of downtime. Because, y'know, I didn't really have any code to write, or tickets to deal with, people to coordinate, or progress that needed to be made.

Unresolved rhetorical questions include: Why wasn't the construction done last summer, before I moved into that location? Why didn't they leave my cube in place and build the new one on the open, unoccupied space next to mine? Can the union guys who assemble cubes work on a task for longer than twenty minutes at a time?


And, as usual when Liz is out of town, I'm not even remotely interested in sleep. :-(

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