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Grump. Grump, Grump, Grump.

So I've got pretty much all of my photos from the past seven years imported into iPhoto now (yay) with the eventual goal of uploading the better stuff to Flickr... Unfortunately, my old Kodak DC280 had a tendency to crash if it didn't like the particular variety of double-A batteries we put into it. Double-unfortunately, this causes the camera to reset the date to 5/31/1999 and not tell you about it. Thus I have about 1100 photos that have bogus EXIF dates that'll want to get fixed up, meaning (to be done right) I get to export them all, fix the EXIF data in an external program (painstakingly trying to figure out exactly which day I shot what, argh!), and then re-importing them into iPhoto.

Have I mentioned how much I love my new cameras that don't misbehave like that?

([info]reasie and [info]oogby, be sure you keep an eye out for this.)

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